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USS Mackenzie: The In-between Moments

The moments between missions, adventures, and tasks.

Mission Description

Often, moments on the USS Mackenzie happen outside of a mission or an adventure.  Those moments are necessary but not critical to the latest and greatest story.  These are those times when the crew of the Mack is working through or working on something valuable that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

About the Mission

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16 May 2024

Awake in the After

USS Mackenzie: The In-between Moments

The world had gone bright and then dark.  He could hear screams and shouts as he felt his body slam into the ground, gasping for breath that would never come.  He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since the Devoth officer had raised his weapon at him and fired.  Ambrose Harris [...]

25 October 2023

TIBM 002 – A Bit of Voth and Walton

USS Mackenzie: The In-between Moments

“You’re right.  I’m not going to believe it.” Captain Wren Walton sat at her ready room desk, the screen filled with the face of her Task Force Commanding Officer, Captain Geronimo Fontana.  He’s just informed her that Cardamon, the Voth advisor, had applied to Starfleet [...]

18 October 2023

TIBM 001 - In the Wings

USS Mackenzie: The In-between Moments

“They know who I am now, Captain. My cover, as you humans would say, is blown.”  Thasaz at the conference table with Captain Wren Walton and Lieutenant Charlie Hargraves.  “I’ve been given the choice to remain in Starfleet.” Walton had been read into the secret sections of the [...]