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USS Eagle: Mission 4 – Going Home

Going home again.

Mission Description

Ensign Hok’s mother was in a coma.  Hearing from her caretaker that she was awake, Hok rushed home to Ferenginar.  Still fearing retribution from the Orion Syndicate, Lieutenant Iziraa went with him.  What unexpected news would they discover?

About the Mission

USS Eagle
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Start Date
End Date

10 September 2023

Decision Made

USS Eagle: Mission 4 - Going Home

Izi was in the corridor outside Hok’s quarters, but she hadn’t pressed the chime.  She wasn’t normally one to display her emotions, which caused her hesitation.  Members of the crew passing by chuckled or gave her odd looks, but none of that mattered.  Taking a deep breath, she [...]

7 September 2023

Difficult Decision

USS Eagle: Mission 4 - Going Home

Izi emerged from the aft section of Eaglet 2 and rejoined Hok in the cockpit.  After sitting in the co-pilot chair, she set a PADD on the console.  Hok glanced at her, but didn't say anything.  Izi let about thirty seconds of silence pass.“We still have a long way to go before we [...]

4 September 2023

Truths Revealed

USS Eagle: Mission 4 - Going Home

Ferenginar Izi was fuming.  The three men from the Orion Syndicate had gotten the drop on them and she felt it was her fault.  She was in charge of keeping Hok and herself safe, but they were now at the mercy of dangerous criminals. “Let’s get down to business,” said the one that [...]

1 September 2023

A Painful Revelation

USS Eagle: Mission 4 - Going Home

Ferenginar Izi and Hok rushed off the street and stopped under a canopy just outside a typical Ferengi house.  Frowning, Izi shook off as much of the rainfall as she could.  “Are you sure this is it?” said Izi. “Yes.” Hok’s tone was flat and void of feeling.  Izi could [...]