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USS Bellerophon: All Systems Ready

With repairs finally nearing completion, the new crew of the U.S.S. Bellerophon come aboard to their new home.

Mission Description

Following the events of Frontier Day, the Bellerophon received significant damage from the attack, so much so that it had been removed from Odyssey Squadron and interned at Avalon Fleet Yards for long term repairs. With the U.S.S. Pioneer also receiving significant damage from the attack, Captain Thiren and his crew were temporarily posted to other assignments until a new ship could become available. Now that repairs were nearing completion on the Bellerophon, Captain Thiren took advantage of the situation to request the command for himself and brought the crew of the Pioneer back together. Reassigned to Task Force 72, the crew of the Bellerophon prepare to resume their mission of peaceful exploration.

About the Mission

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Start Date

6 October 2023

ASR - Chapter 1

USS Bellerophon: All Systems Ready

Personal log, Captain Kosev Thiren, Stardate 78370.8.  After the conference today, I was pulled aside by the brass of Fourth Fleet Command and they again asked when I'd be selecting my new command, and when I'd be ‘getting back out there'. And finally, after so much time, I had some [...]