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USS Lakota: Episode 4: Showdown Above Eridanus

Following the sudden and deliberate attack by Maquis forces on both Lakota and the CDS Tykana, the crew face a race against time to repair their ship and apprehend their attackers before the Cardassians dish out a significantly harsher punishment.

Mission Description

Somewhere deep in the former Demilitarized Zone, along the tumultuous Federation border with the Cardassian Union, lies the enigmatic planet Eridanus. Eridanus, known for its strategic importance and valuable resources, has long been a symbol of stability and cooperation in the region. Here, Cardassians and Humans alike have learned to live in harmony. However, several days ago, the planet fell inexplicably silent.

Lakota and Tykana burn in the ocean of space, victims of a surprise attack by Maquis forces who seem to be far more organised than previously believed. Both crews enter a race against time to repair their vessels and apprehend their attackers, with Nazir intent on getting their first to prevent a harsher form of Cardassian punishment.

When the ensuing showdown becomes more aggressive, a familiar face helps to restore balance to the sector.

Mission three and the culmination of the Eridanus Trilogy.

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