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Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Daedalus: Hollow Promises

Things are looking rough in the Deneb Sector, a recent Dominion invasion and betrayal at the heart of Starfleet have made some people reconsider their alliegences.

Mission Description

Part of Bravo Fleet Priority Mission: Ashes of Deneb.

Daedalus has been recalled from it’s work along the Cardassian border to fly the flag of the Federation as part of the Fourth Fleet’s operations in Deneb. Trust is thin on the ground as several groups begin making loud sounds about secession and withdrawl from the Federation, unfortunately some of these groups have got the people to back themselves up.

The crew must attempt to rebuild the lost trust following the sector’s recent losses, all the while re-evaluating their own loyalties.

About the Mission

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Start Date

27 September 2023

Questionable Propositions (pt. 2)

USS Daedalus: Hollow Promises

What had once started as a deep space biology lab had found itself repurposed to a small garden, then a park and now a large part of Gilligan station's lower ring had been converted with root and seed into the small forest. The expansive room played host to much of Gilligan bases' events, both [...]

15 September 2023

Stellar Tableaux (Pt.1)

USS Daedalus: Hollow Promises

The floating citadel of Starbase 72 glided gently as a mobile over the vast tan surface of Minos Korva, gently spinning as if pushed by the hand of a celestial giant. Beneath its vast mushroom lid, speckled with the shadows of the base’s flock of shuttles and workpods, the lights of thousands of [...]