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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Scouting into known Borg space to uncover the fate of the Collective, what Constellation finds instead is the unthinkable: a planet of sentient life permitted to evolve unassimilated

Mission Description

Under the auspice of Directive Four, USS Constellation’s exploration of the Delta Quadrant has been redirected to a mission of survival.  Cautiously entering known Borg territory, Captain Taes and her crew undertake a scouting mission to investigate the state of the Borg Collective after the Borg Queen’s apparent demise on Frontier Day.  Early reports have identified Borg vessels traversing into the Gradin Belt with far greater frequency than have been witnessed since before their decimation by the neurolytic pathogen in 2378.  There are other reports of Borg relay stations and installations having been disassembled and abandoned in recent days.

Constellation follows a faint Borg power signal to a lushly tropical planet but they find no trace of Borg technology anywhere in the world.  Rather, the crew finds non-humanoid, sentient plant-life on the planet, who show no signs of assimilation.  Taes is compelled to investigate the world more closely in the hope its secrets can be adopted by the galaxy!  By what means have its lifeforms evaded assimilation for eons?


Image of USS Constellation and Borg Cube created by pundus.

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9 December 2023


USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

When the doors slid open, Taes could see Nelli hadn’t taken her advice. Looking into Nelli’s quarters, the small compartment remained in its standard configuration.  There was no pictures on the bulkheads nor a single flower in a vase.  Nelli had even volunteered to stay in one of the [...]

9 December 2023

Or Sleep - 3

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

From one end of the med bay to the other, every holographic interface vanished, and every LCARS interface went dark.  A hexagonal light flare of forcefields rippled over every door and Jeffries tube hatch.  Heavy thunks in the overhead, paired with a change in the hissing of air [...]

7 December 2023

Or Sleep - 2

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Chief Science Officer’s Log, supplemental…   Doctor Nelli, Lieutenant Jurij, Ensign Door and I have successfully rescued our wayward away team.  Although the transporters still aren’t safe to use through the scattering field, Cellar Door was able to pilot the shuttle through to [...]

26 November 2023

Or Sleep - 1

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Huddled together in the underground burrow, Ensigns Dolan and Addae had grown quiet.  Shortly after the mushroom creature had stopped speaking to them through Addae’s combadge, they had run out of anything else to say.  Addae had sighed fitfully and closed his eyes while Dolan struggled [...]