Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Constellation: A Scar Mantle-Deep

When a desperate rescue mission on Arianna Prime uncovered an infamous painting, long forgotten, only Yuulik is invited to gaze upon it.

Mission Description

In March 2401, the USS Resolute and the cargo freighter Morningstar rescued the colonists of Arriana Prime from a force of Jem’Hadar who had fallen out of time.  Their ingenious plan to evacuate the colonists in cattle rafts was successful, but one emergency landing carved a swath across the landscape.

The scar across the world revealed a bunker, long forgotten, that had once belonged to an infamous muralist.  While the science department aboard the USS Discovery attends to the humanitarian needs of Arriana Prime, Lieutenant Commander Yuulik has been invited to evaluate the veracity of the controversial mural and protect it during Starfleet’s efforts to recover Jem’Hadar weaponry and rebuild the community.

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2 September 2023

A Scar Mantle-Deep - 1

USS Constellation: A Scar Mantle-Deep

“What, may I ask,” Yuulik demanded, “is that noise you’re making?” Before she even posed the question, Yuulik had tilted her head in Kellin’s direction.  The Arcadian’s bulbous eyes looked alit with electricity, a reflection of the warp-distorted stars through the forward [...]