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Starbase Bravo: 2401: Mission 2

In the weeks following Frontier Day, Starbase Bravo is looking inward and outward to represent the best and brightest Starfleet has to offer.

Mission Description

After Frontier Day on April 12, 2401, Starfleet nearly lost everything.

Parades of starships were turned against the Federation by corrupted fleet formation software and an entire generation of young officers were nearly assimilated by the genetic manipulation of rogue Changelings and the Borg.  Starfleet has found a cure to treat those young officers who temporarily joined the Borg Collective, but no one can forget the experience.  The last time Starfleet suffered such a blow, after the synth attack on Mars, Starfleet withdrew inwards in a protective state.

This time the Starfleet adventure is just beginning.

Rallied by the enterprising spirit of Frontier Day, the senior staff of Starbase Bravo have set a mission of education and self-discovery.  All crewmembers have been given orders to devote duty hours every week to career development.  Officers can develop skills, seek new knowledge, recommit to fitness, learn about new divisions, or further their capabilities for command.

It’s a time for formal training courses through Advanced Training Command; it’s a time for mentorship of junior officers by senior officers; it’s a time for reading; it’s a time for career counseling; it’s a time to explore one’s inner life as boldly as Starfleet explores the unknown.

At the same time, Starbase Bravo must continue to deliver on its mission to maintain stability in the Paulson Nebula.  With colonisation, trade and exploration thriving throughout the region, Starfleet’s presence must continue to shine bright, reminding the galaxy that Starfleet is still here.  Nostalgia for the optimistic days of Starfleet is running high and every division aboard Starbase Bravo is aiming to act as a beacon for what Starfleet is meant to be.

Divisional responsibilities are as follows:


Command Division

The Command Division primarily oversees other operations, but many of its departments work directly with civilians. Priority missions include:

– Facilitate cross-department training opportunities for a recent batch of Academy cadets

– Supervise a training exercise/bridge officer exam on the holodeck for junior officers


Strategic Operations Division

The Strategic Operations Division is focused on unraveling the threats from within Starfleet considering the discovery of Borg DNA in most every young officer, security threats in the Fleet Formation software, and Changelings within the highest echelons of Starfleet. This is the combination of immediate response to the evolving situation and maintaining intelligence over the Paulson Nebula as a whole. Priority missions include:

– Think tank working on apocalyptic scenarios like Frontier Day, with focus on identifying potential unknown threats, and action plans to counter them and minimize repercussions

– Shoring up current procedures and protocols to stop an infiltration event in the future


Operations Division

The operations division is responsible for managing resources that are not structural or propulsive in nature. As such, operations works side by side with many other divisions. Priority missions include:

– maintaining smooth resource allocation to all other departments on pre-defined priority structures; this will prove challenging while the shipyard is overburdened to complete repairs on Fourth Fleet starships that were damaged in the Deneb Sector invasion and on Frontier Day

– ensuring adequate training of staff to ensure allocation remains steady across all shifts

– creating and running emergency drills / simulations for every division, simulating both single and multiple critical systems being inoperative


Security Division

The Security Division primarily focuses on enforcing the law aboard Starbase Bravo, with some assistance given to local colonies. Priority missions include:

– Cross training with Strategic Operations to strengthen current security procedures and protocols in case of an infiltration level event

– Cross training with other departments with the aim of defensively trained staff in case of an emergency

– Ongoing security support for local colonies


Engineering Division

The Engineering Division primarily focuses on maintaining necessary equipment for or providing technical support to other operations. Priority missions include:

– Starships damaged in the Deneb Sector invasion and Frontier Day are lined up around Starbase Bravo, vying for repairs in the shipyards

– Given the need for spare hands, officers from every division are being offered hands-on engineering cross-training in the shipyards even if they’ve never lifted a hyperspanner before


Science Division

The Science Division is focusing on the opportunities for multi-disciplinary research projects at home, though it often provides scientific expertise to other operations. Priority missions include:

– Take the opportunity to start up or further develop independent research projects

– Engage with younger members of the station population by holding a science fair, inviting a special guest as judge


Medical Division

The division responds to the medical needs of staff and civilians involved. Many other missions will need medical staff. Priority missions include:

– Provide opportunities for members from other departments to observe and/or participate in a medical procedure

– Support crewmembers in (re)certifying their basic emergency medical training credentials

– Travel beyond the Mellstoxx system to assist in the creation of medical centers and provide medical training to colonies in the Paulson Nebula


Cadet Squadron Bravo

In most cases, cadets are encouraged to accompany any of the other missions listed above to learn directly from working with qualified officers.  It’s also exam season at the Mellstoxx III Starfleet Academy!  Most cadets have weeks of readings to catch up on, and cram up on, to make themselves ready for the Academy’s rigorous series of mid-year exams.

Limited numbers of First Contact training scenarios are also available for cadets aboard Starbase Bravo.  Contact the Bravo Fleet Academy staff if you’re interested in writing about this mission briefing!


Starbase Bravo In Play

This Starbase Bravo mission is expected to last up to four or five months (until January 2024) taking place roughly between mid-April 2401 and mid-May 20401.

About the Mission

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