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USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

An uptick in pirate activity in the Midgard Sector forces Endeavour Squadron to acknowledge a difficult truth: to bring peace to this frontier, they must learn much, much more about it and its people.

Mission Description

Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night
Running in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies
Break the silence, damn the dark, damn the light

– ‘The Chain,’ Fleetwood Mac

This mission is a part of Endeavour Squadron, taking place across multiple commands. The full story can be found here:

Chapter 1 (Gateway)
– Chapter 2 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 3 (Gateway)
– Chapter 4 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 6 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 7 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 8 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 9 (Gateway)
– Chapter 10 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 11 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 12 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 13 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 14 (Gateway)
– Chapter 15 (Endeavour)


Mission poster by LadyBlue, background art asset created with Midjourney

About the Mission

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18 October 2023

Break the Chain - 15

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

‘Where the hell is Fox?’ Beckett demanded of thin air as he stood from the co-pilot’s seat on the runabout Starfall. Their allocated departure time was mere minutes away, and there was no sign of the young officer who was supposed to keep him company for the next month – months – [...]

14 October 2023

Break the Chain - 13

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

‘Explain to me again,’ said Thawn, trying to keep the bite out of her voice, ‘how this is supposed to work.’ Narien had them sat cross-legged on the floor of Rhade’s quarters, the lights dimmed to an atmospheric, gentle gleam. Between them sat the unassuming, carved wooden box he’d [...]

12 October 2023

Break the Chain - 12

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

‘I don’t understand.’ Thawn tried to not fidget as she looked at Rhade across the breakfast bar in his quarters. ‘You want us to go on… what, a vision quest?’ The perennially patient man, who had put up with all her manoeuvring and evading, sighed, and she heard the edge of frustration. [...]

10 October 2023

Break the Chain - 11

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

‘I don’t care how squirrelly he is, Lieutenant,’ Valance told Beckett. ‘I want to talk to him.’ The operations of the squadron itself, as the Starfleet formation focused not merely on the day-to-day of Gateway Station but the Midgard Sector as a whole and any more long-ranging duties that [...]