USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

An uptick in pirate activity in the Midgard Sector forces Endeavour Squadron to acknowledge a difficult truth: to bring peace to this frontier, they must learn much, much more about it and its people.

Mission Description

Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night
Running in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies
Break the silence, damn the dark, damn the light

– ‘The Chain,’ Fleetwood Mac

This mission is a part of Endeavour Squadron, taking place across multiple commands. The full story can be found here:

Chapter 1 (Gateway)
– Chapter 2 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 3 (Gateway)
– Chapter 4 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 6 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 7 (Endeavour)


Mission poster by LadyBlue, background art asset created with Midjourney

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25 September 2023

Break the Chain - 7

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

The moment they emerged from the airlock, they were surrounded. ‘Welcome to Sot Thryfar, Starfleet!’ boomed a wiry Bajoran man with salt and pepper in his hair at the head of a dozen-strong crowd of mixed species, genders, and attires, all toting overly large weaponry. He was not the traffic [...]

22 September 2023

Break the Chain - 6

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

They picked up the trail at Scarix. Initial sensor sweeps showed very little, but Thawn insisted they stop for several hours more. Kharth had been suspicious, yet once the radiation oozing from the dense clusters of borite in the asteroid field had been filtered out, the Betazoid officer gave them [...]

20 September 2023

Break the Chain - 5

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

Beckett felt like he was swallowing daggers before he drew a deep breath and said, ‘I need your help.’ And because he was asking Adamant Rhade, the broad-shouldered, golden-haired, lantern-jawed Betazoid stood from his desk and just said, ‘Lead the way,’ before he’d even finished [...]

15 September 2023

Break the Chain - 4

USS Endeavour: Break the Chain

The pain wasn’t so persistent any more. She’d have asked Doctor Winters for more painkillers, but then he might not have cleared her for duty, and that was untenable. So Thawn applied an anaesthetising spray down her throat just after breakfast. The guidance said to take care after use; to not [...]