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USS Lafayette: The Canderra Protocol

The Federation Outpost on Antallas Prime has sent a strange cryptic message stating that they'd instituted "The Canderra Protocol", and have been comm silent ever since. Now, the USS Lafayette has been sent to investigate.

Mission Description

Federation Outpost Schwarzschild has been delivering some key scientific discoveries from the safety of Antallas Prime. By some miracle, Antallas Prime has fallen into a safe orbit around a supermassive black hole providing a front row seat to all of the wonders the singularity could show. Their experimentation on gravity impacts and galactic folding has been rewarding some fascinating theories around warp travel and spacial dynamics. Recently, their experiments have been catching the eye of Starfleet Engineering, and they were forced to secure special dispensation in order to continue some of their riskier experiments.

Now, a coded message has been received by Starfleet Command, stating that the research outpost has activated Canderra Protocol, a protocol not on record for any approved set of experiments. Fearing the worst, the USS Lafayette has been sent to investigate and render aid as possible.

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