Starbase Bravo: Conscientious Objection

When Starbase Bravo prepares the treatment to undo the genetic manipulation that allowed the Borg to assimilate all of Starfleet's youngest officers, not every officer is ready to be released from the collective...

Mission Description

After the horror of Frontier Day in 2401, there’s a lot of cleaning up to do. Rather than breaking out the mops and buckets, a crack team officers from every specialty has been tasked with implementing the transporter treatment, developed by Starfleet Command, to remove the Borg DNA from all the young officers aboard Starbase Bravo.

But some of those young officers aren’t so willing to step onto the pad…

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24 September 2023

Borg DNA Removal: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

Starbase Bravo: Conscientious Objection

FAILURE! Jaso watched as the word flashed on the holo screen. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. None of the simulations had been effective. The inclusion of Dr. Montgomery’s assistance didn’t yield positive results. Jaso cleared the bio screen and sat in [...]

13 September 2023

Borg DNA Removal: Seeking Council

Starbase Bravo: Conscientious Objection

Cam sat in his quarters, gazing at his PADD, lost in memories of how much simpler life had been just a few weeks ago. It now felt like ages had passed. Cam had just ended a call with his younger brother Ozzy, much quicker than he had anticipated. He had been eagerly looking forward to the [...]

11 September 2023

Borg DNA Removal: Tumultuous Testing Scans

Starbase Bravo: Conscientious Objection

The office door closed as Cadet Varen left the office. She was very apprehensive about the scanning process, but Jaso was able to calm her down. Her scans were automatically forwarded to Dr. Montgomery.  Jaso sighed and looked around his new work area. The office was sparsely furnished with a [...]

8 September 2023

Borg DNA Removal: Narrowing Suspects

Starbase Bravo: Conscientious Objection

Just a few days had elapsed since the illustrious meeting on Deck 55, but Ensign Solari’s unwavering diligence had already yielded significant progress in identifying any suspicious activities spanning from one month before Frontier Day to the day prior. The challenge lay in determining how far [...]