USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Cold War enemies become allies..

Mission Description

In the aftermath of the Romulans joining the war effort, the USS Denver is tasked with coordinating a joint mission with a Romulan warbird to gather intelligence on a strategically significant Dominion shipyard. Captain Talon must navigate the cultural differences and longstanding enmity between Starfleet and Romulan officers. The story explores the complexities of forming an alliance amidst deep-rooted distrust while facing the dangerous mission to uncover Dominion shipyard secrets.

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23 September 2023

A time for chocolate, a time for coffee

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

After the battle, Gus spent some time in healing meditation in front of the replicator. His body had recovered, but his mind was another story. While it was true that Vulcans had mental disciplines that allowed for greater control in most circumstances, it was far from the panacea at the moment. [...]

22 September 2023

In Search of Redemption

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

The small quarters were a comfort to Yaaya Deepre.  She felt as if she could sit comfortably here forever.  She had been welcomed aboard with a glance and a nod.  She understood.  A war was on, and it had been blasting into all corners of the galaxy for the better part of a [...]

18 September 2023

Counselor’s Day

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

[Chief Counselor’s Office – USS Denver]   Sitting down upon a firm, yet still comfortable couch Emimi Qetax wanted to stretch out her legs but thought better of it. True, there was nobody watching but one had to be presentable at all times as a member of Starfleet. She, or rather the Qetax [...]

17 September 2023

Gremlins in the Machinery

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Ensign Aoife McKenzie stared down at the display in front of her. For the fourth time in as many days, the system was acting odd. She couldn’t quite put a finger on what was going on. Nothing major, just a series of failures out of the ordinary. She straightened back and pinched her nose with her [...]