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USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Cold War enemies become allies..

Mission Description

In the aftermath of the Romulans joining the war effort, the USS Denver is tasked with coordinating a joint mission with a Romulan warbird to gather intelligence on a strategically significant Dominion shipyard. Captain Talon must navigate the cultural differences and longstanding enmity between Starfleet and Romulan officers. The story explores the complexities of forming an alliance amidst deep-rooted distrust while facing the dangerous mission to uncover Dominion shipyard secrets.

About the Mission

USS Denver
Total Stories
Start Date

31 December 2023

The Prison Within

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Vice-like fingers gripped Lavender by the arms. The grey scaly hands of the Jem’Hadar guided her, dragged her, tripped her roughly down corridors of metal and harsh lighting. She tasted blood. Her tongue probed for the source. A loose tooth. Lavender manipulated it with her tongue and spat it [...]

30 December 2023

Both Sides of the Bars

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Lavender sighed and stared at the ceiling. Then at the walls. Then at her bedside shelf. Then at the ceiling. As a Doctor, she new that what she should be doing right now was sleeping. She had been through it in the Jem’hadar prison, but tired, exhausted even as she was, she couldn’t sleep. She [...]

29 December 2023

What Do You Say?

USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Rebecca’s boots sounded softly upon the carpet outside the rows of guest quarters.  She glanced down at the pad in her hand to consult the information before stopping at a door and pressing the chime. On the other side of the door Doctor Lavender Haigh placed her pad down on the little table [...]

23 December 2023


USS Denver: Mission 6: The Unlikely Alliance

Captain’s Log stardate: 51789.04 The USS Denver’s first joint mission with the Romulans was a resounding success. The destruction of the shipyards in the Thelos sector was a major setback for the Dominion war effort. In addition; the away team that landed on the prisoner of war camp freed [...]