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Part of Bravo Fleet: Frontier Day

USS Jaxartes: Family Ties

What is family and what does it mean to be human?

Mission Description

The Crew of the little Raven class corvette USS Jaxartes has been through a lot recently and the poor old girl is rather messed up.  It should be the chance to relax and enjoy a few days before ‘Frontier Day’ arrives.  However the crew has other ideas.  They have set their own deadline.

But as events unfold over the next few days, some of them begin to discover things about their families they never knew; and for others what makes them human.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

1 August 2023

Part 10: It ends as it begins

USS Jaxartes: Family Ties

Max Beaufort the injured Valkyrie pilot had so far managed to avoid the Borg controlled crew and medical staff of the USS Chapel.  Despite having only one leg and needing crutches the Lieutenant had succeeded in giving the Borg the slip.  He was now inside a Jefferies Tube, having gained access [...]

30 July 2023

Part 9: Futile Resistance

USS Jaxartes: Family Ties

Lieutenant Beaufort was half asleep when he heard the commotion from his medical bed within one of the many wards that make up part of the Hospital Ship.  With half open eyes he looked across at the nurse tending to the guy in another bed.  The sight looked a bit odd though; something just seemed [...]

27 July 2023

Part 8: The Day The World Ended

USS Jaxartes: Family Ties

‘Today is the day the world ended, the day I became a monster, the day I became a killer, and this is how it started.’ ********** Ensign Harris was in a cheerful mood, a sign he’d managed to grab a chat with Ensign Cho before he’d come on shift.  The Young Korean woman was still [...]

25 July 2023

Part 7: Family

USS Jaxartes: Family Ties

A few minutes later Lieutenant Devron and Doctor Andrianakis materialised on the transporter pad of the Jaxartes; the Betazoid engineer was at the controls as he was in most cases, in front of them stood Lieutenant Stuart, standing to attention. The young Orion gave a crisp salute, much better than [...]