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USS Cantabras: The Signal

The Cantabras respond to a distress signal from a derelict station. Despite its apparent abandonment, an unnerving presence pervades the station, whispering secrets of unseen dangers that lie in wait.

Mission Description

The crew receives a distress signal originating from a long-abandoned space station. Determined to render aid, they change course and head toward the source of the signal. Approaching the derelict station, the eerie nature of their surroundings becomes increasingly palpable as the station looms before them – a forsaken sentinel nestled in the void of space. The crew braces themselves for the secrets yet to be unveiled, the mysteries that hold the key to the fate of those who once occupied the station.

About the Mission

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Start Date

31 July 2023

A Rude Awakening

USS Cantabras: The Signal

“Warning! Warning!” The red alert sounded, bathing the entire ship in a red glow. The bosun’s whistle sounded. Alex’s voice rang with urgency, “All crew report to the lounge immediately.” Priam burst into the lounge, out of breath. Logan shortly stormed in behind him. Both of them were [...]