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Starbase Bravo: Frontier Day

On Starfleet's 250th Anniversary, Starbase Bravo celebrates Frontier Day as if it's Starfleet's last. And it might be.

Mission Description

Worlds across the Federation commemorate the bravery and optimism of every Starfleet officer on Frontier Day.  The birth of modern Starfleet is commonly recognised as the inaugural voyage of the Enterprise NX-01, on April 12, 2151.  Now in 2401, Frontier Day celebrates 250 years since that first mission by the Enterprise to explore strange new worlds.  Although the celebrations in Sector 001 will eclipse all others, Starbase Bravo aims to celebrate a Frontier Day to remember.

Due to the interference of the Paulson Nebula, Starbase Bravo is unaffected by the Borg’s assimilation transmission from Jupiter.  Your Starbase Bravo characters will be raising their glasses to toast the occasion by the time they receive any reports of the horrors occurring at Earth as depicted in Season 3 of Picard.  Review the Frontier Day mission briefing for additional options to participate in Frontier Day beyond the events at Starbase Bravo.

As the mission opens, you can write your character engaged in Frontier Day preparations up to and including April 11, 2401.  Notification will be released when you can start to write about Frontier Day commencing!

Recruitment Drive

In the weeks and days leading up to Frontier Day, Starfleet has tripled their recruitment offices and kiosks all over the promenades.  With all the goodwill surrounding Starfleet this time of year, the Mellstoxx Academy wants to entice all of the best and brightest cadet candidates it can find.

Cadets and officers from every department are asked to volunteer at recruitment stations to share their personal Starfleet stories to potential recruits
Science, operations, engineering crew are encouraged to curate museum exhibits and events to celebrate the rich history of the Enterprise NX-01, its crew and Starfleet

Champagne and Canapes

Diplomats, dignitaries and Starfleet VIPs from all over the quadrant have converged on Starbase Bravo for the festivities.  Even descendants from the founding houses of the Mellstoxx III colony have come aboard SBB in recognition of Starfleet’s presence in the system for over a hundred years.  Spanning half the promenades in sector India-Navy, the Frontier Day Ceremony on April 12 provides all the variety of a block party.  While the upper brass is mingling in their dress uniforms on deck 330, all the food stalls on deck 350 are opening their kitchens and liquor cabinets for tailgate parties.

Operations, Engineering and Diplomatic departments will be rolling out the red carpets to make every diplomat and guest to Starbase Bravo comfortable; on Frontier Day, no requests from VIP guests can be denied
• With so many VIPs en route to Starbase Bravo, flight control, intelligence, tactical and security departments will have to consider every angle to keep the dignitaries all safe, some of them from each other
Medical crew will be fighting the clock to clear out the hospital of their refugee and humanitarian patients to get everybody on their feet in time to attend the ceremonies
Cadets will have plenty to learn while shadowing in these departments
• Once we reach April 12, everyone is invited to the receptions!

Remember, as the mission opens, your characters have no knowledge of the events depicted in Picard Season 3.  A further story post and briefing will be released once we reach Frontier Day and your character can learn of the Borg’s machinations at Earth, Sol Station and across the quadrant.

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14 September 2023

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Starbase Bravo: Frontier Day

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