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USS Constellation: Lose Yourself Sometimes

After uncovering the secrets of the Lost Fleet's origins, the USS Constellation must gather up those secrets to ensure the Lost Fleet can never return again.

Mission Description

Lose Yourself Sometimes: USS Constellation

After surviving the final Battle of Farpoint against The Lost Fleet, USS Constellation can afford no respite to recover and reflect.  Captain Taes has uncovered the artificial wormhole technology that unleashed the time-lost Jem’Hadar fleet on the Deneb Sector.  Despite the extensive damage to her ship’s shields, hull and communication systems, Constellation must travel to the planet Trill to secure the wormhole research or risk it falling into unprincipled hands.  After only minimal repairs at Farpoint Station, the crew has one last mission to perform before they can put into drydock for essential repairs.

About the Mission

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3 July 2023

Lose Yourself Sometimes - 3

USS Constellation: Lose Yourself Sometimes

“Flavia has done what?” The way Taes spat out those words hit Nova in the pit of her stomach.  Nova had stepped too deeply inside a confidential moment.  By then, she had already crossed the mid-point of the observation lounge, her boots clacking with every offending step. [...]

2 July 2023

Lose Yourself Sometimes - 2

USS Constellation: Lose Yourself Sometimes

Captain’s Log, Supplemental:   While Constellation orbits the planet Trill, our away team has beamed down to collect all of Doctor Marl Trojet’s artificial wormhole research materials.  Between Fourth Fleet Intelligence and my own confidants from the Trill Science Ministry, we have [...]

22 June 2023

Lose Yourself Sometimes - 1

USS Constellation: Lose Yourself Sometimes

It wasn’t a formal diagnosis, but Taes’ circadian rhythm was demonstrating symptoms of disorder.  Even past eleven hundred hours, Taes had not risen from her nyctinasty plot.  In the relative privacy of her quarters, Taes had maintained a nastic posture that was unnatural to the [...]