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Part of Bravo Fleet: Frontier Day

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront (Frontier Day)

The Serenity turns for home to investigate. What they discover is far darker than any anticipated.

Mission Description

After engaging the Lost Fleet in the Battle of Nasera and conducting espionage behind enemy lines, the USS Serenity turns for home. Rear Admiral Aria Edir, an ally on Earth lobbying for Starfleet Command to engage the Dominion wholesale, has gone missing, and Fleet Admiral Reyes has decided it’s time to force the issue and figure out why Starfleet Command has been sitting idle.

When the Serenity arrives at Earth, they find Starfleet busy with preparation for Frontier Day, looming just a few days away. Their mission is to find Reyes’ missing friend and to figure out what is amok within Starfleet Command and the Federation News Network, but in the background, a far more insidious threat lurks.

Meanwhile, the remainder of Polaris Squadron remains over Nasera continuing their ongoing efforts to address the humanitarian crisis caused by the Lost Fleet occupation, and an aggressive JAG officer continues to investigate the actions of the Polaris’ covert team.

About the Mission

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24 October 2023

New Beginnings

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront (Frontier Day)

Two security officers stepped through the door. An older man stood between them, his hands cuffed in the front. The admiral looked up from her desk and sighed. Starfleet Security had received the order hours ago. At this point, the cuffs served no purpose except to demean him. “Uncuff the [...]

23 October 2023

With Labored Breaths and a Wobbly Gait

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront (Frontier Day)

With labored breaths and a wobbly gait, Admiral Reyes stepped out of the shuttle. She had to use a cane to steady her step, but she was just relieved to be out of sickbay after a week of surgeries and physical therapy. “Admiral on deck!” She looked up with surprise as a hundred pairs of [...]

22 October 2023

Deconstructing the Horror

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront (Frontier Day)

“We were one key press away from ending them all,” Lieutenant Morgan cried as he looked out the window. “And from ending ourselves and everyone else on board!” When the Borg signal stopped, they’d been about to trigger a containment failure in a fully juiced warp core. If the signal had [...]

21 October 2023

The Recovery Begins

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront (Frontier Day)

Pain. Inexorable pain. But pain meant life. How? How was she still alive? If the high energy phaser blast hadn’t killed her, the explosion of Sol Station should have. The last thing she remembered was Commander Lewis stepping over her body as she succumbed to her injuries. She’d ordered them to [...]