Part of Bravo Fleet: Frontier Day

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront

The Serenity turns for home to investigate. What they discover is far darker than any anticipated.

Mission Description

After engaging the Lost Fleet in the Battle of Nasera and conducting espionage behind enemy lines, the USS Serenity turns for home. Rear Admiral Aria Edir, an ally on Earth lobbying for Starfleet Command to engage the Dominion wholesale, has gone missing, and Fleet Admiral Reyes has decided it’s time to force the issue and figure out why Starfleet Command has been sitting idle.

When the Serenity arrives at Earth, they find Starfleet busy with preparation for Frontier Day, looming just a few days away. Their mission is to find Reyes’ missing friend and to figure out what is amok within Starfleet Command and the Federation News Network, but in the background, a far more insidious threat lurks.

Meanwhile, the remainder of Polaris Squadron remains over Nasera continuing their ongoing efforts to address the humanitarian crisis caused by the Lost Fleet occupation, and an aggressive JAG officer continues to investigate the actions of the Polaris’ covert team.

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9 September 2023

The Conspiracy Unveiled (Part 2)

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront

“Fleet Formation, synchronistic technology that allows every ship in Starfleet to operate as one, an impenetrable armada, unity and defense…” Walking down the promenade, Admiral Reyes could not help but scoff at Shelby’s words as they echoed across the PA. Unity and defense? Bullshit. The [...]

7 September 2023

The Conspiracy Revealed (Part 1)

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront

“A quarter millennium after the NX-01 took that first vital step…” Focused rage and zealous determination. Those emotions didn’t belong here. Not now. Not during this happy celebration. But they were here, screaming out over the din of awe and pride emanating from those who’d gathered on [...]

1 September 2023

When Friends Surface And Traitors Strike

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront

“Did we really have to turn the bridge into a viewing area?” Commander Jake Lewis asked frustratedly as he glared at the throng of officers assembled on the bridge. This was the heart of a warship, not a place for lookie loos to watch flybys and fireworks. “Orders straight from Command,” [...]

30 August 2023

Smoke and Mirrors

USS Polaris: Troubles on the Homefront

“I just got the results back from the tox panel,” Lieutenant Krer Feyir reported as he stepped back into his office with a look of pure shock on his face. “And I… ummm… I’ve never seen anything like it.” His hands were shaking as he handed the PADD to Dr. Hall. “Torture drugs,” [...]