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Part of USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

USS Olympic: Mission 2 – The Last of Our Kind

A distress signal is detected one system over, and the ship responds. They find a shuttle on its last legs spiraling out of control and losing power, shields, and containment. The decision is made to bring the single life form aboard, and they make it just in time as the shuttle explodes.

Mission Description

 Sickbay reports a young woman of unknown origins is in a coma in Sickbay.  Upon examination, it is discovered that she is Argovan, a previously encountered humanoid species.  Upon searching the computer, they find that the Argovans are a xenophobic society in the extreme reaches of the Federation.  The science and medical teams begin a passive examination of the woman and reach out to Starfleet for guidance.  Soon an Argovan transport arrives, requesting the return of their citizen rather urgently.  Starfleet advises a soft touch and diplomatic overtures to get a sense of the Argovans to extend connections with them further.  The crew is pressed into diplomatic action when the transport captain refuses to come aboard and demands the Argovan woman back. 

About the Mission

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13 July 2023

TLOK 007 - Something Out There

USS Olympic: Mission 2 - The Last of Our Kind

They had been underway for a few days, and Sadie sat at her console, attempting to solve a puzzle.  It started yesterday with a flicker of a reading several systems over.  She was extending and directing the Olympic’s sensors to understand better what was out there.  They were [...]

12 July 2023

TLOK 005 - One Step Forward

USS Olympic: Mission 2 - The Last of Our Kind

The office walls were blank, and the desk seemed lonely from its position against the wall.  Jordan stood on the threshold, her fresh teal uniform with rank pips simultaneously making her feel at home and out of place.  Boxes of her office items were stacked just inside the doorway, [...]

5 July 2023

TLOK 004 - A bit of Barker and Dread

USS Olympic: Mission 2 - The Last of Our Kind

“Ensign Alanna Barker reporting for duty, sir.”  The tall and gangly woman stood at attention as Captain Peter Crawford looked over the PADD she had handed him. “I didn’t…oh, the hell is Fontana up to?”  He finished reading the PADD and tossed it back on his desk, “Are you [...]