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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Polaris: The Voices of Deneb (The Lost Fleet – Part 2)

The Polaris lingers in orbit to assist with Nasera's recovery, while a small squad presses on to cause chaos in the Dominion’s line.

Mission Description

Nasera II, once a great industrial center of the Federation, is now free from the yoke of the Dominion, but victory did not come without cost. The USS Polaris and her sister ships linger in orbit of Nasera II, repairing extensive damage to their vessels, coping with the loss of nearly one fifth of their crew, and providing aid to the wounded planet below.

War does not wait for anyone though. The Dominion and the Breen continue their assault across the Deneb Sector, and still the Federation sits idle. Fleet Admiral Reyes cannot do that though. She secures a new ship since the Polaris is going nowhere fast, and she plans sets out behind enemy lines to compromise the Dominion’s war machine.

Meanwhile, the ships over Nasera, now bolstered by Commodore Jori’s USS Verity, execute a massive humanitarian effort to get the 8 million colonists of Nasera II back on their feet. It is a right and necessary thing to do, both for citizens of the Federation who suffered so much, and for the ongoing war effort as Nasera is one of the largest industrial centers in the sector. A young Lieutenant also collects stories of those subjugated by the Dominion in an effort to wage a counter-PR campaign against the Federation News Network and Starfleet Command.

The battle for Nasera was bloody, and not all are happy with the outcome. With the loss of life incurred, and the lives they took, they place a heavy burden on morale as everyone struggles to cope in their own ways. Additionally, a ruthless JAG officer begins to investigate the events that transpired. Did the covert operations team cross ethical and legal lines? Did the command staff take undue risks? The investigation surfaces old wounds and adds tension to an already tense situation.

This mission picks up immediately after the events of Infiltrate and Liberate.

About the Mission

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Start Date

16 June 2023

Consequences and Convictions

USS Polaris: The Voices of Deneb (The Lost Fleet - Part 2)

Following The Highway to Hell Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3… It looked like suicide as the USS Mariner charged straight at a Jem’Hadar battle group. It stood no chance, but still it charged. Admiral Reyes didn’t know what Captain Kobahl was thinking, but she couldn’t just leave the Mariner to [...]

16 June 2023

Brief Reprieves and Sorry News

USS Polaris: The Voices of Deneb (The Lost Fleet - Part 2)

The light of Nasera’s K-Type dwarf star beamed through the wide sweeping windows of the Polaris’ private dining room. The table was set for four, the place settings immaculate, hors d’oeuvres and pitchers of fresh juice set on a side table. It seemed odd given the chaos beyond [...]

14 June 2023

Serenity in Quiet Moments

USS Polaris: The Voices of Deneb (The Lost Fleet - Part 2)

She reached out and touched his face, gently tracing his sharp jawbone up to his ear. She let her hand linger there as she gazed at him in his peaceful dream state. It made her happy. Everyone needed a moment of peace, even Jake Lewis. Elyssia Rel lowered herself alongside him and rested her head [...]

14 June 2023

Subverting the Enemy

USS Polaris: The Voices of Deneb (The Lost Fleet - Part 2)

The Serenity bobbed and weaved through the Minara Nebula, nimbly sidestepping ion strikes and subspace fissures that threatened to tear it apart. As dangerous as it was, the turbulence of this nebula was preferable to the dragnet of Jem’Hadar fighters and cruisers that hunted for them outside of [...]