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USS Cardiff: Thagomizer // Lost Fleet

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17 June 2023


USS Cardiff: Thagomizer // Lost Fleet

       “Yes, yes! This will work! This will work, Captain!”       Reva turned from Kaalir to the usually dour Koban, whose face fairly glowed. Seeing joy was a rare thing these days and even rarer for Koban. The engineers had been working [...]

8 June 2023


USS Cardiff: Thagomizer // Lost Fleet

“Captain, do you really think there’s something here?” Kaalir asked. The group had safely landed on Paxtar, no storm eddies catching them. Now they were carefully making their way up a scree-filled slope, Sarrik doggedly focused on the path [...]

20 May 2023


USS Cardiff: Thagomizer // Lost Fleet

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2305.13: The unthinkable has happened. The Dominion has returned. After all this time, the Dominion has returned. The Fourth Fleet has been summoned to the Deneb Sector. The Cardiff has been tasked with scouting for resources to aid the war effort.      Reva [...]