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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Ahwahnee: Best Left Unlearned

The Ahwahnee joins the Fourth Fleet's efforts to repel the new Dominion threat.

Mission Description

The USS Ahwahnee has been ordered to deploy a series of sensor buoys as part of an early warning system for Dominion forays into Federation territory beyond the Black Cluster. Captain Vordenna, one of the few crew who saw action during the bloody conflict of 2373-75, must lead a new crew against an old adversary.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

27 October 2023

Papering Over the Cracks

USS Ahwahnee: Best Left Unlearned

Doctor Lomal ran the cortical scanner from one of Felrak’s wide temples to the other. The tricorder display cast a glossy sheen upon the Bajoran Doctor’s dark skin, highlighting nose ridges that wrinkled further under a deep frown.   “I don’t even know where to begin sometimes [...]

22 October 2023

Warp Core Therapy

USS Ahwahnee: Best Left Unlearned

Sreyler Theb stood over the Main Engineering pool table, paying close attention to the warp intermix chamber. Her eyes flicked across the readings; crystal alignment, containment field stability, plasma induction rate, and finally coolant cycle efficiency. Satisfied, she looked up towards the core [...]

19 August 2023


USS Ahwahnee: Best Left Unlearned

Captain’s log, stardate 78437.0. Something struck me last night as I regenerated amongst the orbosh vines. I saw it in the way they moved. It was slow. Tentative. When the fibrotendrils latched onto my skin, my thoughts clouded until they were longer my own. Shapeless, twisting thunderclouds [...]

20 May 2023

The Alendonian Dispatch

USS Ahwahnee: Best Left Unlearned

The Alendonian sky was an aurora borealis of rushing orange. Gaseous tongues of ionised hydrogen danced and flickered down towards a horizon of silhouetted, barren rock. With each celestial whiplash, charged particles streaked and scattered like shooting stars, induced by a powerful magnetic field [...]