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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Jaxartes: Into the fray

One small ship; one heck of a big war!

Mission Description

The crew of the USS Jaxartes has been flung from one situation to another since the beginning of 2401, and it’s a year that’s far from over.  If things couldn’t get any worse the Dominion are back and waging war, and someone’s seen fit to assign a Cardassian as the new Tactical Officer.

Can Jason Devron overcome his mistrust and focus on the mission?

Lightyears from where they need to be, it’s time to pull out all the stops and bend the rules in a race across the stars.  The mission rendezvous with the USS Los Angeles and act as her support vessel.  For whilst a Raven class Corvette is only small they can perform  tasks beyond the scope of the larger star ships and too hazardous  for a Runabout.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

19 June 2023

Part J: Into The Fray

USS Jaxartes: Into the fray

‘Well we hadn’t fallen apart so that was a positive sign at least.’ Thought Jason to himself as they approached the battlefield.  A few more repairs had been made and Dinari had deemed it safe to increase the ships speed to Warp 3.6. But he was still unwilling to chance anything [...]

16 June 2023

Part I: In Deaths Wake

USS Jaxartes: Into the fray

It had been two days since Ensign Cho; or at least something that looked like her; had shot him in the back at point-blank range and Jason Devron was still fuming.  Luckily for him she’d deciding on using the stun setting.  But how could he have not seen it?  As captain it was his job to know [...]

15 June 2023

Part H: Knowing The Truth

USS Jaxartes: Into the fray

Jason Devron sat in the room that was both his sleeping quarters and office though for the last couple of days he’d hardly spent any time in the room.  Had he slept yesterday, come to think of it when was yesterday; how long had it been today.  The small digital read out told him it was 8am, [...]

14 June 2023

Part G: Enemy Within!

USS Jaxartes: Into the fray

It had been nearly two weeks since the Raven class corvette under the command of one Jason Dervon had suddenly raced off seemingly destroying a relay satellite on the way out of the system; resulting in the Johannesburg been cut off from the rest of Starfleet. All diplomatic relations with the [...]