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Part of USS Mackenzie: The Mackenzie Squadron – The Uneasy Alliance

USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance

A squadron from the Cardassian Third Order has been offered to defend a Federation world, Janoor III. However, during the Dominion War, Janoor III was attacked and occupied by Dominion forces, which the people remember only too well. Starfleet has dispatched a ship to act as a liaison between the people of Janoor III and the Cardassian forces, to prepare defenses and to defend the planet when the attack finally comes.

Mission Description

Twenty-Six years ago, the Federation world Janoor III was attacked by the Dominion, who then occupied the planet. Now, the planet lies in the path of the Dominion’s lost fleet and must prepare to defend itself once more. The Cardassian Third Order offers a squadron of ships to assist in the defense preparations and to help defend the planet when the attack comes. However, the Cardassians were among the occupying force and the people of Janoor III don’t want help from them.

The Olympic is assigned to assist primarily as medical support and secondarily as a science ship running operations in tandem with the USS Mackenzie under the banner of the Mackenzie Squadron.

About the Mission

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8 June 2023

19 – An Uneasy Departure

USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance

“Captain’s log, March 20th, 2401.  Janoor III has paid more than their share for the victory we’re holding onto today…the death toll is unthinkable.  The Mack crew left a few hours ago.  I worry about our crews and how they’re going to process this…experience.  It [...]

7 June 2023

18 – An Uneasy Connection

USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance

“Our final fatality list on Janoor III is 3,751.”  Crawford sat at the conference room table on the Olympic with the senior command team from his ship and Mackenzie.  “Thanks to Charlie, we have a nearly complete list of people requesting to be transported off the planet and moved [...]

6 June 2023

17 – An Uneasy Farewell

USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance

Lieutenant Florin muttered, “You’ve had some Ferengis in here,” as he stood over the OPS console on the bridge, his eyes doing the work.  On their journey to the command center, they’d found bodies scattered in various states. The Jem’Hadar had been complete in their annihilation of [...]

6 June 2023

16 – An Uneasy Boarding

USS Olympic: Mission 1 – Uneasy Alliance

The shuttle rumbled through space as the five members of the Alpha Hazard team sat, strapped in and examining the latest details from the SS Dahl. Ensign Deandra Baresi was 25 and had been a nurse on the Olympic for the last year.  She was carrying the standard Hazard team equipment and [...]