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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Resolute: Protect Arriana

Commander Raan Mason and the USS Resolute have been ordered to Arriana Prime to defend it from Jem’Hadar invasion.

Mission Description

Ordered to Arriana Prime, Raan Mason and his crew must stop the progress of a Jem’Hadar invasion and retake ground and facilities that have been lost.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

14 July 2023

19 - New Orders…

USS Resolute: Protect Arriana

I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die… I’m so gonna die… The litany rolled through RJ’s mind for all of the two point four seconds it took Mason to shove back away from him. He opened his eyes warily, expecting one of those massive fists to slam into him any second, but instead Mason [...]

10 July 2023

18 - A kiss and a concussion

USS Resolute: Protect Arriana

“Kid, if you weren’t feeling the best, then you need to get checked out,” Bennett growled at him, his hard look nearly as bad as the captain’s as he all but frog-marched Tav down the corridor toward sickbay. “No excuses.”“I’m fine!” he squeaked, but it was walk or be dragged, so [...]

3 July 2023

17 - Facing the music

USS Resolute: Protect Arriana

Aya looked so small, tucked beneath a thin blanket on the biobed in the Resolute’s sickbay. For such a small ship, RJ had been surprised by the relatively large size of sickbay. But then again, with a guy like Mason as captain, he shouldn’t have been surprised. The ship probably dropped into a [...]

14 June 2023

16 - The price…

USS Resolute: Protect Arriana

The roar of the Morningstar’s transport dropping was almost relaxing. Tav lay on his back under a tree, staring up through the branches at the night sky. It was a warm summer’s night, like the ones he and Soren had spent camping out in the back of their grandparent’s farm when they were kids. [...]