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USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

The crew of the USS Constellation must practice caution on their excavation into the origin of one of the galaxy's greatest evils. If they're not careful how deeply they dig, they may uncover the stained misdeeds of those they trust the most.

Mission Description

The crew of the USS Constellation have launched their maiden voyage under the shadow of invasion and war.  And worse.  Captain Taes has been assigned command of the Constitution III-class starship, Constellation, to continue her mission of scientific exploration in spirited partnership with some of the most brilliant minds from the Romulan Free State.

When The Lost Fleet of Dominion warships descended on the Federation’s Deneb Sector, they drew first blood from the side.  The fleet came from neither the Gamma Quadrant nor the Bajoran wormhole’s Alpha Quadrant terminus.  Rather, Starfleet’s quantum dating have shown the Dominion fleet have taken a fast route, directly from the year 2374.  These Jem’Hadar soldiers have literally flown right out of the Dominion War.

Equipped with a state of the art 25th century explorer, her closest confidants, her bitter rivals and an otherwise untested crew, Captain Taes has been ordered to venture beyond Dominion-occupied Federation space to uncover the very origins of the Lost Fleet itself.


USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

(Mission poster images of Taes and Kellin are AI generated by the Lensa app.)






Season One

USS Nestus & USS Dvorak: Captain Taes’ first starship command of a mobile research platform dedicated to archaeology and anthropology.

Season Two

USS Sarek / USS Olympic: Captain Taes takes command of Sarek Squadron, a diplomatic mission of exploration in partnership with the Romulan Free State.

About the Mission

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15 June 2023

Right - 6

USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

Nova blurted out, “The lights, captain,” with a delighted gasp.  Her head pivoted back and forth, between her console and Captain Taes and back again.  Pointing with her index finger, Nova drew an arc through the air, indicating the highest point on her Operations panel. [...]

14 June 2023

Right - 5

USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

She had barely opened her eyes when Taes asked, “Have they found him?”   In her supine position, Taes blinked a couple of times, recognising her surroundings as the med bay because of brass arches surrounding the light fixtures in the overhead.  The quaver in her voice betrayed her [...]

14 June 2023

Right - 4

USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

The deck rocked beneath Taes’ feet.  Those erratic movements stole any semblance of balance from the strength of her legs.  Taes fell to the deck and Doctor Marl Trojet did too, landing eye-to-eye with her.  Gasping for air, the antiseptic smell of the deck plates filled her [...]

11 June 2023

Right - 3

USS Constellation: Nothing Comes From Being Right

“My mind to your mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts.” – Tuvok     Captain’s Log, supplemental:   After dashing across the Deneb Sector in search of clues, we have located the architect of the lost fleet’s return.  Doctor Marl Trojet created the artificial wormhole [...]