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USS Pioneer (Archive): Mission 1 – Operation: Shadow Strike

Dominion forces have reclaimed a secret Ketracel-white on a rogue planet nestled deep in a Mutara class nebula. Previously unknown to Alliance forces at the end of the Dominion War, this facility has helped temporarily jumpstart Ketracel production and, in turn, an increase in Jem'Hadar forces. The facility needs to be located within the nebula and destroyed.

Mission Description

A rogue planet, named Saxue by the Dominion, was a former Ketracel-white production facility during the height of the Dominion War. Located in a calm pocket deep in a Mutara class nebula, Saxue was, by Dominion War standards, a minor production facility. However, with the current crisis, it has enough manufacturing capability to jump-start the Jem’Hadar forces into unmanageable numbers.

The Pioneer, after serving with distinction in the Dominion War, again finds itself with the difficult task of facing the Jem’Hadar in a renewed conflict. Their objective is clear: go behind enemy lines and enter the nebula, locate and confirm the facilities existence, and if possible, destroy it by any means necessary.

About the Mission

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Start Date

17 June 2023

O:SS - Chapter 12

USS Pioneer (Archive): Mission 1 - Operation: Shadow Strike

“Alright, try it now.” Kosev yelled down to Beya while laying on his back in the Jefferies tube. While the Pioneer was en route back to Farpoint station after completing their mission, he decided to keep himself busy by helping complete some critical repairs. Their mission, while successful, [...]

13 June 2023

O:SS - Chapter 11

USS Pioneer (Archive): Mission 1 - Operation: Shadow Strike

After spending the last few hours reviewing the mission data, Kosev turned off the monitor on his desk and got up. He walked over to the window of his ready room, looking out at the nebula and thinking about the mission before him. It was incredibly risky, and all depended on the Dominion taking [...]

8 June 2023

O:SS - Chapter 10

USS Pioneer (Archive): Mission 1 - Operation: Shadow Strike

“Anything yet?” Kosev was leaned forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands as he continued to study the view screen. It had been nearly two hours since the Pioneer entered the nebula, but still they had not yet found Saxue, or any other Dominion presence for that [...]

5 June 2023

O:SS - Chapter 9

USS Pioneer (Archive): Mission 1 - Operation: Shadow Strike

Captain’s log, Stardate 78173.9, with the changeling infiltrator found and neutralized, the Pioneer continues on course to Saxue to find and destroy the ketracel-white facility. Repairs on our shields are nearly completed, Lieutenant Commander Beya estimates another thirty minutes until they are [...]