USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Aoife McKenzie and Nicholas Halstead find their way home.

Mission Description

Captain Aoife McKenzie has been lost for over a year on a planet only known as Avalon after an accident involving a mysterious artifact. Inhabited by humans of midevel England, and followers of King Arthur.

Following clues of Merlin in order to find their way home they face the dangers of Avalon. Their guide is a mysterious exiled cleric, but can a heretic be trusted?

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7 September 2023

Avalon's Last Stand

USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Aoife didn’t know what she expected to see on the other side of the mist, but this wasn’t it. She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the dim light as she took in her surroundings. They were in a massive stone room. The vaulted ceilings were made of intricately carved sandstone. The walls were [...]

11 July 2023


USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Aoife was out of breath, and her face was flush. Clutching her side, she sucked in air, filling her burning lungs. Beside her, Nicholas, who had greater stamina than her,  looked infuriatingly fresh. “What are you looking at,” Aoife growled through breaths.  “Nothing. Nothing at [...]

8 July 2023

The Mother

USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

The afternoon sun was rising as they traveled down the overgrown path. The hill had been tough, and even Black had found it challenging, giving him a focused scowl for most of the climb.  The jagged climb had given way to a halting descent as the horses scaled the uneven rocks and mud. [...]

6 July 2023

Dusty Tomes and Uncomfortable Truths

USS Valhalla: Mission 1: Across Time & Space

Nicholas Halstead led the big black gelding out of the stall.  It was still dark in the early morning hours with a thin grey line to the east.  The horse snorted and nickered to the other horses already saddled and ready for the journey. Tying the lead rope to the upper rail on the corral [...]