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Part of USS Mackenzie: The Mackenzie Squadron – The Uneasy Alliance

USS Mackenzie: Mission 6 – Uneasy Alliance

A squadron from the Cardassian Third Order has been offered to defend a Federation world, Janoor III. However, during the Dominion War, Janoor III was attacked and occupied by Dominion forces, which the people remember only too well. Starfleet has dispatched a ship to act as a liaison between the people of Janoor III and the Cardassian forces, to prepare defenses and to defend the planet when the attack finally comes.

Mission Description

Twenty-Six years ago, the Federation world Janoor III was attacked by the Dominion, who then occupied the planet. Now, the planet lies in the path of the Dominion’s lost fleet and must prepare to defend itself once more. The Cardassian Third Order offers a squadron of ships to assist in the defense preparations and to help defend the planet when the attack comes. However, the Cardassians were among the occupying force and the people of Janoor III don’t want help from them.

The USS Mackenzie takes the lead in the squadron to tackle to the challenge.

About the Mission

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End Date

16 June 2023

25 – Beyond the Uneasy

USS Mackenzie: Mission 6 - Uneasy Alliance

Starbase 72 was a wonder.  Wren had spent much time walking the various decks, hallways, and more as the Mackenzie was under repair.  She stood at the back of the Memorial Amphitheater in Quadrant A, remembering why it was there.  The loss of life in the Dominion War had left a deep [...]

15 June 2023

24 – Uneasy Victory in Life

USS Mackenzie: Mission 6 - Uneasy Alliance

The USS Mackenzie lay in the lower levels of Starbase 72.  Spotlights focused on the exterior damage, and repairs were ongoing.  Wren sat in the viewing lounge that looked on the bay her ship was laid up in.  Reports had been coming in of success in the Deneb sector.  That hope [...]

8 June 2023

23 - An Uneasy End

USS Mackenzie: Mission 6 - Uneasy Alliance

“You got the chair right, Chief.”  Wren sat in the center chair.  The carpet had been ripped up, and the damage to the walls scraped away.  The ceiling was pockmarked with missing pieces.  Most of the consoles were working, and the chairs had been repaired.  The bridge [...]

8 June 2023

22- An Uneasy Penultimate

USS Mackenzie: Mission 6 - Uneasy Alliance

Gabriela Castillo slowly entered the bridge lounge, her heart and soul heavy.  She spotted Jack at the bar cleaning some glasses and pulled herself up on a stool, “Moscow Mule.”  He finished his glasswork, giving her a few side looks while he went to work on her drink. The Chief Helm [...]