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USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

Recently reassigned to the USS Auckland, Captain Suin and his crew resume their journey to the Proteus System to quell a disease outbreak

Mission Description

Captain Suin has found himself reassigned to the USS Auckland to assume command and resume their journey to assist the population of the Proteus System as they battle an outbreak of Terrellian Plague. With increased capabilities, extensive functionality and a new crew, its up to them all to come together as a team and do their utmost to support the fledgling colony worlds they are tasked with assisting.

*Please note, the events in Caduceus take place before the events of “The Lost Fleet”*

About the Mission

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Start Date

24 April 2023

Chapter 6 - Captain on the Bridge

USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

Refreshing his now cold coffee at the replicator, Aris left the conference room for the bridge now that they were underway. Hot coffee now in hand he headed directly to the turbolift to return to Deck 2. Entering the turbolift car he requested his destination. “Deck 2, Main Bridge.” Aris [...]

15 April 2023

Chapter 5 - Welcome to the Engine Room

USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

T’Keterk and Joci had entered Main Engineering after attending the crew meeting. “I believe I now have time for that tour.” T’Keterk raised an eyebrow at the Bajoran walking beside him.  “Way ahead of your Lieutenant.” Joci replied. “Once the tour is complete we will meet the [...]

11 April 2023

Chapter 4 - Bridging the Gap

USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

Gin and Emma both got to their feet after the Captain had dismissed them and headed for the bridge each taking their station. Emma sat at the navigation console began reviewing current astrometric data and calculating the best way to reach Proto II. Gin took the seat directly to the captain’s [...]

7 April 2023

Chapter 3 - The not so brief Briefing

USS Auckland: Caduceus Pt. 2

Aris had been working away in the ready room for well over an hour filing reports and reviewing mission data. All was quiet on the bridge. The Corax had returned to Starbase 93 a short while ago meaning it was time they resumed their course. Tapping the terminal in front of him, he activated the [...]