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USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

The Mariner crew is sent back to the lion's den or also known to many as the Delta Quadrant. They have to investigate a Starfleet outpost close to the new borders of the Devore Imperium.

Mission Description

Something happens to you when you leave…the further you get….the hazy it becomes

The events of Grid 168  stay unresolved if you don’t accept it

Kid….no…please let him go

We can’t let it happen again….

Family is a definition of happiness. Whoever wrote that ….never met mine

For sixty-two years, I dreamt of you. I craved you, I missed you

While Captain Kobahl returns to her sane mind after being joined with the symbiont and cast out the intruder that happened during the Blood Dilithium Operation. The Mariner and Captain Kobahl were not given a break and had to deal with the tense situation of transporting a vital package to the Deneb War Zone. It contributed to the end of the Lost Fleet’s further advantage. Still, they also had to deal with a small mutiny that ended the careers of the mutineers Lieutenant Shew, Lieutenant Cailra, and four others. And lastly losing Lieutenant T’path during the popular event of Frontier Day….

Mariner is ordered to travel back to Delta Quadrant to start their deep space exploration near the chaotic space and newly formed Devore Imperium borders. However, at Markonian Outpost they are asked to check out Lupina Trade Outpost which went silent a month ago.  But there is more than meets the eye, as something sinister awaits in the dark. Will Captain Kobahl be able to resolve her past? Will Commander Ruslanovna be able to let her feelings be separate from her duties? As Commander Valerio adapts to the new surroundings again, how will he coop with the changes?

About the Mission

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End Date

20 March 2024

15) Reflection of Fear

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

The area was a chaos of broken pieces of what had happened after the match. The Mariner was hovering nearby at an observation distance. The debris was out of range of the ship, as chaotic space was noticeable in the far distance. The bridge crew kept the remnants of the station in check while doing [...]

20 March 2024

14) Stand My Ground

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

A loud bang on the metal, another swing, a huf, and a puff as Dacio slams a metal tool against the device. Slowly, cracks were forming into the outer shell. The team kept the area in check as Keeyiro was nearby, keeping readings on the tricorder to see if any changes were happening. She looked at [...]

19 March 2024

13) Help Me?

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

Coldness, heavy breathing, and a major headache with an aching pain going through his body. Dacio slowly opened his eyes as one vision was blurred by the red of his blood seeping down from his head wound. He growls and sits up slowly, only to fall back onto the ground. It was like the gravity was [...]

18 March 2024

12) The Hunt is On

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

“We have to keep moving.” Cho raised her rifle and pointed up front as she looked carefully into empty rooms; the team was nearby. But things felt off. It felt as if something was there watching them, placing Cho on the edge and constantly looking around. “Keep calm, keep it together, Cho,” [...]