USS Mackenzie: Mission 5 – Answering the Call (ATC)

The True Way. The Mackenzie. Sectors who are in desperate need of help. The Federation is moving to help but how it will be received is a big question.

Mission Description

Colonies within Task Force 72’s area are asking for help against The True Way.  A longstanding disagreement with The Federation makes this request concerning due to the split support for the existing request.  The Makenzie is assigned to intercede and support the colonies.

About the Mission

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1 June 2023

ATC 021 – Vulcan and Vulcan

USS Mackenzie: Mission 5 - Answering the Call (ATC)

T’saath sat in a pew in the middle of the temple, her focus wavering.  Captain Harris was dead, and she had not been at his side.  She had returned to the Mackenzie and briefly met the new assistant chief science officer, another Vulcan, in passing as they headed to the planet. [...]

2 May 2023

ATC 021 - What Remains

USS Mackenzie: Mission 5 - Answering the Call (ATC)

The transition of staff had been going on most of the day.  Catari had easily found her way around the ship most of the morning.  It had taken her some time to find the senior staff and bridge crew lounge, even if it was just off the bridge on deck 1.  Walking in, she was amazed – [...]

30 April 2023

ATC 020 – A Stay of Departure

USS Mackenzie: Mission 5 - Answering the Call (ATC)

“She didn’t say much.”  The Mackenzie’s assistant chief medical officer leaned on a biobed while his charge nurse, Hiro stood beside him, reading through her PADD on the senior staff changes.  Most of the Mackenzie crew had put in for transfers.  Hiro listened to her [...]

27 April 2023

ATC 019 - The Next Command

USS Mackenzie: Mission 5 - Answering the Call (ATC)

“You didn’t hesitate to get back to me.”  Wren Walton sat in her new ready room, leaning back on the couch and staring out the windows at the interior of Starbase 72.  Her old friend, Park Seoyeon, was at the replicator getting her dose of coffee, a wry smile on her face as she [...]