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USS Chico: Mission 1- Chico the Builder

The USS Chico begins its work providing support to planets with established relationships with the Federation.

Mission Description

The USS Chico has a new commanding officer. He’s young, fit, and ready to prove himself to the rest of Starfleet. The officers who serve under Captain Hill know the USS Chico is a workhorses for Starfleet. Their missions are far from glamorous, but they attempt to serve with distinction. The maiden voyage under Captain Harris will take the USS Chico to the planet Evora. During the 27 years since the planet was welcomed into the Federation family, Starfleet has been tasked with improving their infrastructure to promoted their continued prosperity.

The USS Chico has been ordered to aid in the final construction and staffing of a Federation sponsored hospital. Aside from the short ceilings, the crew of the USS Chico will face numerous challenges. With a little luck, leadership, and Starfleet principles, the crew of the Chico will finish the project with plenty of time… we hope!

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