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USS Horizon: Episode 7: Deep Strike


Mission Description

Captain Hess and Horizon Squadron are tasked with disrupting enemy supply lines by undertaking a series of raids behind enemy lines. Horizon Squadron, with the USS Glasgow, commanded by Captain Phil Nichols, and the USS Alexandria, commanded by Captain Akiyama Makoto must successfully navigate through the Berrin Nebula while avoiding the Dominion’s defensive infrastructure and carry out strikes on three key installations established by Dominion forces. However, they must also take care to avoid firing upon any civilians who may be present at the targeted locations. With each ship taking on specialized roles, the squadron prepares for the mission and sets out to complete their objectives.

About the Mission

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20 May 2023

Deep Strike - 2

USS Horizon: Episode 7: Deep Strike

The starships Horizon and Glasgow joined the USS Alexandria after a successful rendezvous, and together they steered a single course through the cosmos. The combined strength of these ships, each carrying their own unique skills, established a course for the distant Deneb sector as their warp [...]

7 May 2023

Deep Strike - 1

USS Horizon: Episode 7: Deep Strike

“Captain’s log, stardate seven-eight-one-three-zero point five-six. We are en route to the starbase three-seven-five where we will rendezvous with the USS Glasgow for an exchange of crew, namely a new first officer. It is with great reluctance that I lose a fine officer such as Commander [...]