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USS Pathfinder (Archive): Go Your Own Way

The USS Pathfinder promises a fresh start for many of her crew. But can they pull together to rescue scientists lost on a planet home to a pre-warp civilisation, with their lives and the prime directive hanging in the balance?

Mission Description

If I could, maybe I’d give you my world
How can I when you won’t take it from me?

You can go your own way,
You can call it another lonely day,
You can go your own way.

– ‘Go Your Own Way,’ Fleetwood Mac


The USS Pathfinder, first of her class, has been assigned an all-new crew and captain. Some have known each other some time, coming to Pathfinder from long years of service on the USS Endeavour. Others are complete strangers. Some are eager to leave behind their past and seek a fresh start, while others have been drawn in by new opportunities and hopes for a bright future.

Whyever they have come to the Pathfinder, all are soon tested by her first mission. On the planet Drapice, nestled in what was once the territory of the Romulan Star Empire and home to a pre-warp civilisation, a Starfleet science team has gone missing. Their assignment was to study the locals and ascertain if there had been any cultural influence or corruption by the Star Empire, but at some point, this minor mission of observation went dark. Pathfinder must venture forth and find them, but above all must make sure the prime directive is upheld.

Even though the involvement of some mysterious other power could be responsible for whatever happened to the missing officers…


Mission poster by LadyBlue. Digital art assets produced with Midjourney

About the Mission

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4 March 2023

Go Your Own Way - 18

USS Pathfinder (Archive): Go Your Own Way

‘I’m grateful, Captain.’ Doctor Frankle looked a shadow of the man who’d stood in a Drapician townhouse and torn their thoughts from their minds now he sat slumped on the biobed. ‘Grateful and ashamed.’ ‘It’s clear you weren’t acting of your own free will,’ said Valance levelly. [...]

3 March 2023

Go Your Own Way - 17

USS Pathfinder (Archive): Go Your Own Way

‘Banaro sent you?’ Valance had been surprised that their approach to the cathedral at dusk came with the clamouring of bells and the rush of city folk in what seemed a call to worship. Beckett had pointed out that sunset was a common time of prayer for many religions, and that the Drapicians [...]

1 March 2023

Go Your Own Way - 16

USS Pathfinder (Archive): Go Your Own Way

Finding this Banaro was a lot easier than Valance expected. The crowd dispersed after Frankle was pulled back towards a looming distant tower Beckett guessed was a cathedral, and the tone had undoubtedly changed from a mixture of curiosity and fascination to a rumbling apprehension. The masses had [...]

27 February 2023

Go Your Own Way - 15

USS Pathfinder (Archive): Go Your Own Way

‘Are we sure that a Thoron generator,’ grunted Winters as he hauled the device onto the sack truck, ‘will affect the facility’s sensors?’ Dashell watched with a hint of guilt as the young doctor wrangled the foot-high metal device they had replicated and constructed aboard the Watson. [...]