USS Higgs: Radio Silence

The crew of the Higgs must discover what's happened to a group of scientists studying the effects of the Century Storm on a planet in the Paulson Nebula.

Mission Description

Six months ago, Fourth Fleet Command sent a science team to Orinal II, an uninhabited planet in the Paulson Nebula, to study the effect the Century Storm has had on the planet. Forty-eight hours ago Starbase Bravo has lost contact with the science team. Communications with planets inside the nebula have become increasingly difficult and this could just be more of the same, but it could also be something more.

With their expedition to the Gamma Quadrant cancelled for unknown reasons, Challenger Squadron has been tasked with discovering what has happened to the scientists. Fleet Captain Forrester has tasked the Higgs with travelling into the Paulson Nebula to investigate.

About the Mission

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4 May 2023

Radio Silence - 5

USS Higgs: Radio Silence

Captain’s Log, Stardate 78099.21. The Higgs has arrived in orbit of Coltar Four where the refugees from Falor Three will be rehomed, thanks to the intervention of Fleet Captain Forrester. With the colonists settled we are preparing to continue on to Starbase Bravo where Mister Donaldson and the [...]

1 May 2023

Radio Silence - 4

USS Higgs: Radio Silence

“Then you leave me with no choice. I’m sorry, Captain.” Donaldson’s face disappeared from the screen, and within seconds the first disruptor blast impacted the Higgs’ shields. The deck beneath them lurched, causing Lieutenant Commander Pezara Barim to reach out and steady himself on his [...]

29 April 2023

Radio Silence - 3

USS Higgs: Radio Silence

The journey from Orinal to Falor had not been a smooth one. The Paulson Nebula had thrown up its fair share of navigational hazards, including a level three ion storm, which meant it took ten hours for the Higgs to travel the relatively short distance. It was a challenge for Lieutenant Commander [...]

24 April 2023

Radio Silence - 2

USS Higgs: Radio Silence

Lieutenant A. Charles Shepard, Charles to most and Charlie to only a select few, watched as data fragments scrolled slowly past his eyes. He’d spent the past half hour studying the science outposts database, or what was left of it. The data was heavily corrupted, with only a few fragments [...]