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USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

The crew transfer from their old home to their new one, how will they settle in after everything they had seen?

Mission Description

The USS Damascus, a Grissom-class ship and one of the most advanced ships in the fleet in the field of science. Now she was in the hands of the freshly promoted Captain Sazra Praugol. After seven years of service and facing many adventures, she reached the honorable rank of Captain. Her crew of the Jaxartes transferred with her to this new place, she would need to get adjusted to the new crew, a new adventure awaits them.

About the Mission

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26 October 2022

Well Hello

USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

The new crew was settling in on the Damascus, and everyone was getting ready to do their jobs and the ship ready for launch when Starfleet Command had their orders ready on the go. Sazra gave some nods to people in the hallway and gave a soft smile as she did her best to give that calming vibe. [...]

25 October 2022

The real reason

USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

The office was getting slowly shaped into Sazra’s new place. People who would have seen her office at her previous command would see the resemblance in this office. Sazra placed another book in the cabin. She had found a passion in reading books as it brought her calmness, and something about [...]

24 October 2022

Getting used to it.

USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

The ship felt fresh. It felt new and different from what she was used to at Jaxartes. Placing her hand on the cold glass as Sazra looked outside to the busy dry docks. She let it sink in that it was a step forward, but back in her head was that old small Raven-class that had brought so many [...]

23 October 2022

Breaking the ice

USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

Walking into the conference room, she slowed down a bit as Sazra saw her crew sitting there with enjoyment and having fun. She looked a bit around, realizing that this might be the last time she would be in this room, and that her next meeting would be in Damascus. She shrugged a bit and walked to [...]