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USS Mackenzie: Mission 1 – Back to Work

The crew of the USS Mackenzie is back in action in the Expanse.

Mission Description

The Mackenzie and crew are back on duty.  Lots of work to do!

About the Mission

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28 October 2022

Mack, Me, and Us

USS Mackenzie: Mission 1 - Back to Work

Most of the crew had filtered into the main lounge, and the Chief Counselor had been right.  They all fit.  Further food and drink had been assembled while a band comprised of various officers from across the ship played on the stage in the middle of the room.  Harris stood behind [...]

28 October 2022

The Waiting

USS Mackenzie: Mission 1 - Back to Work

The USS Mackenzie was flying through space on its way to the wormhole to the Delta Quadrant.  Orders had come as expected, Captain Harris had held his command-level team briefing two hours previous, and the department heads had been working with their teams to give the overview along with the [...]

27 October 2022

A Growing Shadow

USS Mackenzie: Mission 1 - Back to Work

=^=We’ve done a deep scan of the entire planet, just to be sure.  All traces of him are clear.  The equipment we’ve managed to repurpose for the settlement’s communications needs.  Most everyone’s returned from the mountains and the canyons – still a few holdouts. [...]

26 October 2022

The Less Than Master

USS Mackenzie: Mission 1 - Back to Work

Okada and Kondo took point as they searched the grounds.  They picked up a signal that led them to the settlement administration building and quickly climbed the steps and forced their way through the main doors.  The silence echoed through the cavernous hallways of the stone building. [...]