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Endeavour: Blood, Toil, Sweat And Tears

Not quite the homecoming they had hoped for, the Endeavour's crew must fight the Romulans to save Starbase 1 and the Berengaria system.

Mission Description

Still buzzing from their diplomatic victory with the Democratic Union of Kreetassa, Endeavour is returning to Starbase 1 to celebrate their efforts in bringing another ally into the fight against the Romulans. However, as they approach the Berengaria system, home to Starfleet’s first deep space station, the crew pick up a distress call from Captain O’Brien telling them that the Romulans are attacking them and the system. Jumping into high warp, the Endeavour arrives just in time to destroy the final elements of the Romulan attack force, but they cannot stop them from landing troops on the planet below or attempting to capture Starbase 1. Swiftly moving in, the Endeavour‘s MACO unit all head down to the planet below to save the miners who are now under attack while parties from the Endeavour begin relief and repair efforts on the starbase. When Endeavour‘s MACO take the charge to liberate the miners, they soon discover a booby trap laid by the Romulans: a nuclear warhead. To add to that, the crew find the Romulans are trying to sabotage the station’s power core. It’s another race against time as the crew attempt to stop both explosions from happening, but some know they may not come back from this mission alive. 

Note to reader: This storyline was completed when the RPG was hosted under its original NOVA site.

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