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Endeavour: From Failure To Failure

When peril strikes the ship, the crew must work together to deal with a blackout on the edge of Romulan space!

Mission Description

When it is discovered that in the nearby Devron system the Romulans have started to establish a supply base, the Endeavour is ordered to undertake a reconnaissance mission to determine the state of the base and create an attack plan. On their journey, the ship undergoes a total powerless, sending the crew into chaos. Unable to talk to one another and with only hours left of breathable air, the crew have to overcome obstacles from the lack of gravity in some places, doors not opening and the lack of light to restore the ship. Furthermore, they are close to Romulan space, will their enemies find an easy target to deal with? Time is certainly against them.

Note to reader: This storyline was completed when the RPG was hosted under its original NOVA site.

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