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Endeavour: Home Is Where The Heart Is

The crew of Endeavour return and prepare for the re-launch of the ship to return to the frontlines. What has happened to them all since the Battle of Devron and while the ship has been undergoing its refit?

Mission Description

It has been over nine months following the Starfleet success at the Battle of Devron. Since then the Endeavour crew has remained on the frontlines fighting for humanity’s sake against the naked aggression of the Romulan war machine. However, by the end of October 2156, the ship required large-scale repairs after sustaining itself from so many battles. As a result, Starfleet ordered the ship back to Earth. While there Starfleet Command decided to upgrade the ship, following the successful recent refit of the Columbia NX-02. Endeavour would take the place of Enterprise to be the next refitted NX-class ship. 

A number of the crew decided to take some time away from the ship and took on other temporary reassignments, while the rest took the decision to remain to oversee the refit. The upgrades would take up to four months to complete. In that time things have changed for everyone and when those who are away are recalled, many wonder what now awaits the crew as they assemble for their next mission.

Note to reader: This storyline was completed when the RPG was hosted under its original NOVA site.

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