Endeavour: Rebels With A Cause

When a simple convoy escort mission is put on hold, the crew of the Endeavour find themselves defending a pre-warp civilisation from further exploit from a familiar enemy!

Mission Description

After launching from Earth, Endeavour is ordered to escort a convoy of Earth Cargo Service ships returning from the Kreetassans. However, on their way, they pick up a Romulan transmission from a world that Enterprise had visited after it was launched. The crew head to Akaali and finds a single Romulan ship in orbit. After a quick win, they find that the Romulans have infiltrated one of the provinces and have taken over. The Romulans have resumed what Malurians started almost six years ago in mining to create explosives. Captain Campbell and his crew must remove the Romulans and their weapons from the planet without defaulting to typical warfare.  

Note to reader: This storyline was completed when the RPG was hosted under its original NOVA site.

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