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RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

The beginning of a three part mission, to introduce the bird for the story of a new crew who serve in the Romulan Republic Navy and to explain why the name that they had chosen. -An Upcoming Mission! Something for those to look forward to when deciding to create a character of the Romulan Republic and join the Jarok!

Mission Description

After his recent promotion, Commander Saren has been given a team to investigate a derelict vessel, a Valdore-class. A scout ship located this vessel adrift in unclaimed territory that once belonged to the Romulan Star Empire, but was unsure if it was a ruse to lure Republic ships to it, only to wind up destroyed in an ambush. But after a series of scans, the scout ship reported the vessel’s location, and Republic Naval Command decided to send a team to investigate. If the vessel can be repaired and returned to the Republic Naval Yards, they will have yet another ship to add to the fleet. Commander Saren and his team will take a Kestrel-class runabout to the derelict vessel and investigate. Their mission is to find out what happened to the crew, why they abandoned the ship, and what they can do to restore functionality. For example, is the singularity core still functioning? Or is it a simple matter of the computer core being corrupted? Once they are able to restore the functionality of the ship and get some answers, they receive a distress call from an independent colony about fifteen minutes away at warp seven. This will leave Saren and his team in a conflict of interest. Should they return the warbird for repairs and the crew compliment or answer the distress call and perhaps influence a colony to join the Republic?

About the Mission

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4 January 2023

Everyone has a voice

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

It was a bit of a surprise for everyone when the Romulan Republic Intelligence Officer just appeared out of nowhere in sickbay before them but not as much as what Centurion Maec had to tell them. Saren had chosen for everyone to relocate to the bridge of the ship, he even had sent a message via [...]

14 December 2022

Checking the core!

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Chapter is before “Everyone has a voice!” Two columns of green light appeared in a dark corridor just a few junctions away from the engine room. The light would then disappear, leaving two figures in ev suits in the darkness. The suits automatic systems would detect the lack of illumination and [...]

25 October 2022

Didn't know we had Chip and Dale on board

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Isha checked her map display on the armband once more after they made a turn around the corner, just to make sure that they were still heading in the right direction. She sighed for a moment and looked over at Vuzhan, only to return her gaze toward the direction they were walking. “You know. The [...]

16 October 2022

Gas? Don't look at me!

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Three columns of green light appeared in a dimly lit corridor. After the lights dissipated, three figures in evs suits were left behind. The automated system detected the lack of illumination and activated the torch on their shoulders to compensate for the lack thereof; the same went with two [...]