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USS Shepard: New Ship, New Beginnings

After three months of serving on the corvette, the Achana crew has been transferred to a full-size vessel: the USS Shepard

Mission Description

For the past three months, Lt. Commander Zelenko, Tallera, Dreval, and the rest of the Achana crew have been acclimatizing themselves to new roles within Starfleet. That acclimatization period has come to an end. Now-Commander Zelenko has been given the brand new Reliant-class frigate USS Shepard as her first full-size command, and now-former crew of the Achana will be accompanying her aboard.


While the men and women serving aboard the Shepard are eager to get underway, much must be done before the vessel is ready to cast off into the black.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

21 October 2022

Chapter 5: Setting Out

USS Shepard: New Ship, New Beginnings

Tallera was exhausted.  She slowly trod into her room and threw herself onto the bed, letting out a deep sigh of relief over not having to be around people anymore. She’d certainly seen enough of that in the past days. 48 hours ago, the full primary crew of the USS Shepard, all 130 of them, [...]

14 October 2022

Chapter 4: Mack

USS Shepard: New Ship, New Beginnings

Tallera tapped away on the tactical console on the USS Shepard’s bridge, making sure that all the settings, sensitivities, and touchpad shortcuts were to her liking. She’d spent the morning running diagnostics on the ship’s phaser arrays and torpedo pod, and everything had gone swimmingly in [...]

9 October 2022

Chapter 3: Ship's Cat

USS Shepard: New Ship, New Beginnings

Dreval stacked his clothes into the dresser of the USS Shepard’s Junior Officer Room 5B9, taking care not to wrinkle any of the uniforms. As the first members on board the Shepard, the former Achana crew had all been allowed to select their rooms out of those available for their rank and [...]

6 October 2022

Chapter 2: Promotion Party

USS Shepard: New Ship, New Beginnings

“She sure is pretty, huh?” “The vessel bears a general visual hierarchy and defined silhouette that many sapient species find appealing, yes.” Tallera shot Dreval a bemused glance, then turned her gaze back through the window of the Starbase Bravo observation lounge, where the USS Shepard [...]