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Part of USS Hathaway: Season 4: Into the Expanse

USS Hathaway: Episode 17: A Ghost’s Trail

Captain Nazir and the crew of the USS Hathaway are thrust into an extraordinary journey when they receive a shocking intelligence report.

Mission Description

Captain Nazir and the crew of the USS Hathaway are thrust into an extraordinary journey when they receive a shocking intelligence report. A fallen comrade believed to have been killed during the Blood Dilithium crisis, Captain Tharia sh’Elas, is revealed to be alive and thriving against all odds. Determined to rescue their friend, the crew must navigate treacherous obstacles, repair their ship, and defy orders to uncover the truth behind their comrade’s disappearance.

While Captain Nazir gathers her crew, tensions rise as they realize the enormity of their mission. The USS Hathaway, battered by previous encounters, requires extensive repairs before setting out on their daring search. With limited resources and an impending deadline, the crew faces a race against time to restore their vessel to full operational capacity. However, as repairs progress, they stumble upon a series of perplexing clues and hidden data that challenge the official account of their comrade’s demise. A sense of betrayal gnaws at them, and they realize that uncovering the truth might mean going against direct orders from higher command.

Driven by loyalty and fuelled by a thirst for justice, Nazir and her crew make the bold decision to disobey orders and pursue the path they believe is right. With each passing obstacle, they uncover a deeper conspiracy that reaches far beyond their missing comrade. Secrets of betrayal, cover-ups, and a powerful new enemy come to light, leaving the crew grappling with the shocking revelations.

As they delve deeper into their search, the USS Hathaway encounters unexpected allies and adversaries, testing their resolve and pushing their abilities to the limit. From high-stakes space battles to tense encounters with powerful entities, the crew fights not only for their lost friend but also for the truth that has been concealed from them.

In a race against time, Hathaway’s crew must confront their own doubts, reconcile conflicting loyalties, and ultimately confront those responsible for their comrade’s disappearance. Their journey will challenge their principles, redefine their understanding of friendship, and force them to make sacrifices that will shape their futures.

About the Mission

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Start Date

16 July 2023


USS Hathaway: Episode 17: A Ghost's Trail

Having been tasked with the near impossible objective of proving the biological status of his patient in sickbay, Doctor Zinn had enlisted the help of Commander Teyahna and Lieutenant Or’uil in a somewhat unorthodox venture, something that would no doubt get them into significant trouble had he [...]

15 July 2023

A looming threat

USS Hathaway: Episode 17: A Ghost's Trail

Walking briskly through the corridors of the USS Hathaway, Captain Nazir’s mind raced with a mix of concern and scepticism. As she approached the doors to sickbay, she took a deep breath, steeling herself for what would await her inside. As the doors parted, she stepped into the sterile [...]

15 July 2023

Beneath the Surface

USS Hathaway: Episode 17: A Ghost's Trail

Dropping out of warp some three hours later, Hathaway emerged in orbit of Sathea IV, a planet ravaged by the devastating Century Storm less than a year ago. The once-thriving world now lay in ruins, its surface scarred and desolate. Captain Nazir stood on the bridge, arms folded across her chest [...]

8 July 2023

A Century in the Making

USS Hathaway: Episode 17: A Ghost's Trail

Lieutenant Commander Teyahna, the Orion/Romulan hybrid with her light green skin and pointed ears, was deeply engrossed in her research within the science lab. The dimly lit room echoed with the soft hum of computers and the gentle whir of machinery as she sifted through the data regarding Sathea [...]