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USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

Every ship has to endure it, every Captain has to deal with it. The administration and after reports of the deeds they performed in the field. USS Jaxartes is no exception from this.

Mission Description

These are more events, records and wrap-ups of things that have to happen after every mission. The usual day to day operational administation nightmare that has to happen. Praugol has to do these reports to please her Task Force staff and Starfleet in general.

About the Mission

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13 September 2022

The Kobayashi Maru of Praugol

USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

The USS Hermes, an Akira class vessel, flew by the port side window as it was making its way to jump to its next destination. A science mission to catalog a new fungus? A medical mission to help with a planetary disaster, or even a simple patrol mission along the borders. The sun’s reflection hit [...]

1 September 2022

After report Storm breaker / AU-24-JAX

USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

“Computer start after report Jaxartes, month august under the command of Praugol” The computer made the recognizable beep that confirmed its command and started recording the session of what Praugol wanted to do. “Operation Stormbreaker was, on our part, a curious contribution. Because of our [...]

27 August 2022

No way that just happened?!

USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

The house was lovely and calm as her mother was out doing some official government stuff she didn’t care much about and leaning back in her chair as she was reading a novel by her favorite writer. The sixteen-year-old Sazra had a wonderful day. Nothing wrong could happen. In the background, she [...]

26 August 2022

Consideration to murder behavior is high

USS Jaxartes: Administration & Maintenance Logs

Exiting the docking port Sazra came to a halt looking around at the location. The location looked stunning with beautiful weather, the wonderful colorful plants. Then, she heard a voice, “Welcome, Lieutenant Praugol,” in her head. She looked shocked as her eyes stopped at three Haliian, and she [...]