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Part of USS Venture: Season 1: Into the Frontier

USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier’s Edge

Chaos and distrust becomes part of Venture's routine when the presence of a Gorn ship is detected in Federation space...

Mission Description

While on a routine supply drop to Starbase 11 before beginning a new tour of duty in the Galactic South, the USS Venture receives a general distress call from a Gorn warship within Federation space. What could possibly have happened that would make this enigmatic and warlike race call for aid, and what’s lurking out there in space that’s more dangerous than the Gorn?

Episode 1 takes operates on an old stardate calculation system, with the new system taking effect from Episode 2.

About the Mission

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11 March 2023

Relieved... in more ways than one.

USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier's Edge

Captain’s log, supplemental.   Many years ago, someone very important to me shared a pearl of wisdom that I have adhered to ever since:   “Having the courage to stand up for one’s convictions is crucial when sitting at the heart of a bridge, especially when those convictions put us [...]

8 March 2023

The Search, Part II

USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier's Edge

The passing of time was never easy aboard a starship when a mission of great significance was underway. In this case, the search for a missing starship and its crew had yet to yield any results and the crew were already growing restless. For those that had no choice but to sit back and wait, it was [...]

25 February 2023

The Search, Part I

USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier's Edge

Sitting around the coffee table in the middle of the Captain’s ready room, an unwitting silence engulfed the four occupants of the room. It had been a few minutes since anyone had said anything, so the Captain, being the senior most officer present, took the lead. Leaning in towards their guest [...]

14 February 2023

In the darkness, we find you.

USS Venture: Episode 1: On the Frontier's Edge

Rematerializing in a cluster at the back of a dark room, Commander Dahl’s away team took a moment to let their eyes adjust to the change in aura from the safety of their transport room to… this. “Fan out, see what you can find…” the Trill ordered of his team, pointing in various [...]