USS Dragonfly: The Amazing Race

What could go wrong when the holodeck fails with the Senior Staff trapped inside?

Mission Description

“The earth has never stopped moving, growing, evolving for anyone, and neither should you.” Nikita Gill


It is often said that life attempts to return to normal, and the USS Dragonfly is no exception. As the crew and their Captain attempt to piece together the residue of their past adventures, the Captain recognizes the need to take action. Accordingly, the Senior Staff is ordered to Holodeck 3 for a traditional camping experience. However, does anything ever truly unfold according to plan in Starfleet?

With the Senior Staff trapped within the holodeck, the responsibility falls upon the Junior Officers to mend the situation. With safety measures failing, both teams find themselves in a race against time to deactivate the holodeck without causing harm to the Senior Staff.


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