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Eos Station: Mission 2: What Price Freedom

Eos Station receives a distress call, from a local civilian freighter. However, things are not as they seem and the crew's faith to the Prime Directive will be tested.

Mission Description

“Responsibility is the price of freedom.” ~ Elbert Hubbard


After receiving a distress call from the SS Lian, a civilian Groumal freighter, Captain Abernathy orders the crew to render assistance to the civilian ship and assist them back to the station. Requesting repairs, Abernathy allows the Lian crew access to the station.  While everyone on the Lian seems friendly, things seem off to most of the Lian’s crew as they begin to interact with the station’s staff. During the course of the repairs, it becomes apparent that the work crews on the Lian are actually criminals forced to work against their will and are being mistreated. Can the crew of the Eos Station find a way to assist the Lian without violating the Prime Directive?

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