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USS Los Angeles: First Patrol

The Los Angeles departs from Starbase 86 on a new mission: To enforce Federation Law and conduct criminal interdiction activities on behalf of Starfleet and the Federation Security Agency.

Mission Description

The Los Angeles has just undergone a full refit and modernization outfitting after being mothballed for several years, bringing the ship to the standards of Starfleet in the 25th century. Along with the refit, a new Captain and crew are being assembled from all over the Federation, all converging on Starbase 86 to acquaint themselves with the new starship. After all the work is completed and the paint has dried, the Los Angeles heads out on its first patrol, hopeful to prove that the new ship and crew is up to the task of defending the Federation’s security interests.

About the Mission

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Start Date

2 June 2024

A Mission in the Neutral Zone

USS Los Angeles: First Patrol

Asa fiddled with her collar as she walked down the brightly lit corridor after exiting the turbolift. A few minutes before, Commander Abramov had pulled Asa aside and gave her an order to report to the holodeck, forthwith. She wasn’t sure why she was being asked to report. Asa walked into the [...]

21 April 2023

To Board, or not to Board...That is the Question

USS Los Angeles: First Patrol

The Los Angeles hummed gently as she moved through the system at sub-light speeds. On the bridge, Commander Abramov is sitting at the captain’s chair, looking at the PAAD they are working on for the new duty roster. They occasionally tap on the PAAD, making adequate changes. For a moment, though, [...]

11 August 2022

Getting the Los Angeles out of Spacedock

USS Los Angeles: First Patrol

Captain Fabien Oteng, USS Amazon Captain Oteng awoke with a start, looking at his darkened surroundings with bleary, sleep-worn eyes. He could not see much in the darkened cabin, so after getting his bearings for a moment, he called out “Computer, lights on, dim setting, about 45% of full.” [...]