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Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 72

For official fiction releases from Task Force 72

Mission Description

This mission contains all official releases from Task Force 72 staff members or pertinent fictions from the Lore Office. Here can be found historic briefings, key events in a task force’s history and development, and launching points for task force stories.

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23 January 2024

Diplomacy is Life

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 72

“The greeting area has been set for the arrival, and the diplomatic team is completing their final checks.”  Captain Karrik confirmed the stage was set.  He returned to speaking with his operations chief. Captain Geronimo Fontana stood on the command bridge of the USS [...]

19 January 2023

A Call for Help

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 72

"No!" the older male from one of the outlying colonies shouted, slamming his clenched fist onto the table.  "We are not requesting the Federation's help." The meeting had been going on for almost three hours. Each of the present Federation colony representatives of the former [...]

17 August 2022

Diplomatic Overtures

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 72

On the edge of Federation space, just lightyears from the now-defunct Romulan Neutral Zone, the neutral Mauo system had become a hotbed of activity since the collapse of the Star Empire. The subsequent in fighting and factional disputes, not to mention the worlds either seceding from the Empire [...]