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USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

Returning to Delta Quadrant, the crew undertake a simple survey of an unchartered world when an old enemy appears to disrupt a planned happy day.

Mission Description

Back in the Delta Quadrant, after several months of travelling, the Odyssey picks up where it left off before its sudden return to Federation territory. Finding a solar system that has a lush M-class world in it, the crew decide to take their time exploring it. While this is happening, two of Odyssey‘s officers decide to take the next step in their relationship. Nevertheless, nothing is ever this simple, especially with the sudden arrival of the bounty hunters of the Delta Quadrant. The crew are forced to protect two new members of its family from being kidnapped to fulfil a bounty that has lasted the ages!

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

19 September 2022

'Till Death Do Us Part

USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

“Captain’s log stardate seven-seven-four-seven-nine point five-one. Two weeks have passed since our encounter with the Hazari bounty hunters was resolved. Long-range sensors have yet to pick up any of their vessels. I am hoping we are now in the clear. Starfleet has ordered the Odyssey back to [...]

18 September 2022

Drastic Measures, Drastic Endings

USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

“Bring metaphasic shields online,” McCallister commanded.  A few seconds later, Jen announced that the shielding system was operational; just as they reached the edge of the star, they were planning to use it as shelter before hitting the Hazari hard with Banfield’s plan. “Captain, it [...]

10 September 2022

Ace In The Hole

USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

“Direct hit, aft shields are down to eighty-two per cent.” Lenjir announced, “Firing quantum torpedoes!” The vibrations of the torpedoes being released from the aft launchers were heard on the bridge as the ship shuddered from enemy fire. Holding tightly to his chair’s arms, Captain [...]

4 September 2022

When The Going Gets Tough...

USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

“He’s coming around,” Slyvexs stated with a medical tricorder hovering above Jorgeh’s head. Once she was satisfied she didn’t need to use it any further, she deactivated it and stuck it in her dark blue overcoat. “Welcome back, cadet!” She said with a wide grin. Fluttering his eyes a [...]